The MED’s mission is to facilitate, administer and develop ISKCON’s educational system. The MED is primarily an empowering body, facilitating education and educators. Therefore the MED recommends principles, guidelines and values. It is also involved with issues of assessment and accreditation for educational initiatives and institutions. Thus the MED takes moral responsibility for the development of education in ISKCON but otherwise it does not directly control any facet of the implementation of education. This is left to the array of educational initiatives already existing.


To establish, maintain, and monitor effective quality systems to:

  • Instruct and train all devotees in the principles and practices of Krishna Consciousness
  • Train appropriate devotees to teach the principles and practices of Krishna Consciousness
  • Equip children with all the skills required for a productive life in Krishna Consciousness
  • Support devotees in developing and furthering their life-skills
  • Meet ISKCON’s need for qualified people to serve its mission



Sesa Das – Minister

He joined ISKCON in 1973, inspired by the political activism of the In God We Trust Party for Purified Leaders, organized by members of ISKCON. He is a member of the Governing Body Commission and head of the Ministry of Educational Development. He served as the temple president of both Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia; as the Managing Editor of Back to Godhead magazine; and as the North American Secretary of the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust. He attended the United States Military Academy and later received a degree in Political Science from the State University of New York, Albany. In 1991 he earned a Juris Doctor degree from the UCLA School of Law. He lives in Alachua, Florida, with his wife and two daughters.

Hanumatpresaka Swami (Professor Huber Hutchin Robinson) Executive Member

Was born on Guam, Marianas Island, 1948 and grew up in in California, USA. He graduated first place in psychology from the University of California in 1970 and then took iniation in ISKCON in 1974. Later he worked with Dr. T. D. Singh (H. H. Bhakti-svarupa Damodara Swami) and the Bhaktivedanta Institute and Ranganiketana-Manipuri Cultural Troupe. Currently he is Professor with IECOO (Institute for Oriental and Occidental Classical Studies) in Ricardo Palma University, Lima, Peru; and Senior Research Scholar with NIOS (North American Institute for Oriental and Classical Studies) Tennessee, U.S.A.

Yadunandana Swami Executive Member

Has been the Principal of Bhaktivedanta College since its inception, in 2002. He joined ISKCON in 1977 in Spain. For more than twenty-five years he has performed leadership and educational services within ISKCON. His educational services include training many devotees, teaching a wide range of scriptural, academic, and vocational courses, and lecturing in more than twenty universities. He holds a MA in the Study of Religion from the University of Wales Trinity St. David, UK. He is the ISKCON Minister of Educational Development in Europe, since 2010.


raghupRaghupati Das – Executive Member

is a disciple of HH Gopal Krsna Goswami. He is the Divisional Director of ISKCON Education. His devotional life began in Vrindavan where he joined in 1989 and served there for 10 years in various management and leadership positions ranging from being the Manager of the Temple to a member of the Master Plan Committee and Advisory Committee both. He holds BA and MA degrees in Philosophy from Agra University and has also earned an MBA from Aston University in the UK. As a Doctoral researcher in Leadership, Raghupati is working at Birmingham City University where he currently resides with his wife and his daughter. Apart from his academic involvement in Higher Education sector, he has also been studying and teaching from Srila Prabhupada books and works of the previous acaryas for last 20 years. He studied Sri Harinamamrta Vyakarana (Sanskrit Grammar by Srila Jiva Goswami) in Vrindavan and completed his Teacher Training qualifications from Mayapur. In past three years, Raghupati successfully pioneered and facilitated the Online Bhakti Sastri course of the Mayapur Institute. He also teaches the Online Bhakti Sastri Course at Bhaktivedanta College in Radhadesh.

Radhika Ramana Das Executive Member

He is a disciple of Hanumatpresaka Swami. His doctorate in Vaishnava theology at the University of Oxford focused on the philosophical works of Jiva Gosvami. It has been published under the title The Caitanya Vaishnava Vedanta of Jiva Goswami. He has studied Sanskrit for most of the past decade, first under the tutelage of Gary Thomas in the U.S., and then under Dr. James Benson and Prof. M. Narasimhachary at Oxford. Radhika Ramana received his undergraduate education (in philosophy and applied mathematics) at Boise State University in Idaho, where his parents run the ISKCON temple in Boise. He was a columnist for Back to Godhead magazine in his teens.

Shaunaka Rishi Das Executive Member

Is the Director of the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies (OCHS), founded in 1998 and officially recognized as an independent center of Oxford University in 2006. Shaunaka is committed to interreligious and theological dialogue and is an executive member of the Northern Ireland Interfaith Forum, in Belfast. He is also a broadcaster and lecturer. Shaunaka has been a member of ISKCON since 1979. He is an executive member of ISKCON’s Communications and Education Ministries and was the editor of ISKCON Communications Journal, a scholarly journal of dialogue and discussion. He lives in Oxford with his wife.


Anupama Devi Dasi – Secretary

She joined ISKCON in Croatia in 1995, where she did congregational preaching and Deity service. She holds a M.A. in philosophy and religion from the Jesuit College at the University of Zagreb and a B.A. in theology from Bhaktivedanta College. In 2003 she completed the Bhakti Sastri course at VIHE. Currently she is teaching at Bhaktivedanta College.