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We are grateful to HG Kartamasa Das,  HG Nataka-candrika Dasi and HG Radha Damodara Das, who for the last several decades have worked to preserve and archive Krsna conscious literature and have now kindly shared their extensive resource base with the ministry, to benefit devotees all over the world.

We request you to support us in our endeavor to bring all educational material in one place so that it is accessible for devotees all over the world. If you have an e-book, a document, or an audio or video recording that you would like added to the library, please click below.

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Krsna Pastimes II.pdf Krsna Pastimes II.pdf Colouring Book Vrindavan Krishna Elementary Parvati dasi
Getting to Know Krishna - activity book.pdf Getting to Know Krishna - activity book.pdf Activity Book Multiple Elementary BACE
Episode_52_The_Story_of_Sikhandi_1.mp3 Episode_52_The_Story_of_Sikhandi_1.mp3 Audio Story Mahabharata Sudipta Bhawmik