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One of the main objectives of ISKCON’s Ministry of Education is to connect devotees involved in education and allow them to cooperate with each other to work on educational initiatives. In case you are associated with an educational program, please fill in the details of the program, so that they can be made available to devotees seeking such information, and will allow them to enroll for the program.

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In case you are searching for educational programs, please select from the following options to access their details from our database.

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ISKCON Chosica

We provide Introduction to Bhakti yoga course, Disciple Course, Bhakti Sastri and now developing a Bhakti Vaibhava program. We also develop sastric seminars on different topics and conferences for visitors, aswell as practical workshops (cooking, clothing manufacture, jewelry manufacture, etc)

Samskrit Level 1

Samskrit Level 1 course is for beginners who wish to learn Samskrit from basics.The course can be attended online. The course includes: Alphabets, Vocabulary, Numbers, Rhymes, Story and Slokas. For further details please write to

Unnati Residential Camp for Teens

DYS and lifestyle practical sessions

ISKCON Portland Vaishnava Sunday School

Hare Krishna Sunday School curriculum-compiled by Sangita devi dasi

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