Yadunandana Swami

Bhaktivaibhava Teacher, MA in the Study of Religion, University Trinity St. David, U.K.
Guadalajara, Spain.
Past Experience: Teaching adults. Shastric courses (Bhakti-sastri and Bhaktivaibhava); ISKCON Disciple Course; VTE vocational courses (e.g. Leadership & Management, Communications, Teacher Training Courses, Bhakti-sastri Teacher Training courses, etc...), Taught several academic modules at Bhaktivedanta College such as Caitanya Vaishnava Literature; Pastoral Care, Bhagavata Purana and other subjects related to Theology and Religion from an academic perspective
Current Service: Teaching adults. I teach shastri courses in Spain. I teach also at Bhaktivedanta College. Some times I also teach at the VIHE and the MI

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