Varnasrama College for Men

ॐ सुरभ्यै नमः  OM Surabhyai Namah! All glories to Mother Surabhi! All glories to Varnasrama Dharma! All glories to Srila Prabhupada. Hare Krishna.

The primary goal of Varnasrama College ONLINE (VCO) is to train and educate young men in the traditional Vedic lifestyle and sacred values known as Varnasrama Dharma.

The success of VCO will be demonstrated in the practical establishment of 1) local Varnasrama Colleges, 2) traditional Gurukulas, and 3) Vedic Eco Villages.

Our website offers courses as well as a repository of resources to support the development of Varnasrama communities locally.

 This is a project of Varnasrama College Network, in collaboration with the ISKCON Ministry of Education.

The Varnasrama College ONLINE was officially launched on May 15, 2020.  We had initially offered 7 inaugural online courses and the number has since gradually been increasing.

Varnasrama College ONLINE will focus exclusively on education for men. As such VCO will be a men’s college.

Interested students may click on Register link and register as a student

VCO Courses, Fees & Accreditation

While VCO upholds and promotes the traditional Vedic Dakshina system where students are required to offer Dakshina to their Teachers at the end of their education, we also recognize that until society is able to support the
Brahmana Teachers, in some instances financial considerations will need to be met.

In our Vedic literatures Dakshina is listed as being mandatory for a student and can be given in the form of Laksmi (money), kind (grains, gift or other) or direct service. The Teacher, in discussion with the student, will approve
and sanction.