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Our mission is to develop comprehensive educational systems globally, that foster higher spiritual values, fulfil the needs of ISKCON members and the larger society bringing about excellence in all areas of human life.

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“Just like in the material world, there is education for medical man, there is education for engineer, there is education for so many other departments. Similarly, there is education how to make one man spiritual. So we are going to give education how to become spiritually advanced. That is our purpose.”
Srila Prabhupada

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Summative Examination

Busy with leadership and preaching responsibilities? Not getting time off to attend a course and fulfil Prabhupada’s vision for leaders with sastric degrees? The Bhaktisastri Summative Exam may be a good option for you.

Philosophy of Education

Every educator has a different approach to education, and we strongly feel that our next generation of aspiring teachers would gain much insight, and benefit greatly in their careers simply by reading these papers.

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