Bhaktivedanta Institute For Culture And Education

Institute Type: Sastric Education

Head: Mohan Rupa Das

Address: 166 Brewster Street Toorak, Suva, Central Division

Contact Number: 6799786213

Email: [email protected]


Residential Facility: No

Brief description of Curriculum: Bhakti Sastri IDC Bhakti Vaibhav other ISKCON courses would follow gradually.

Other details: Hare Krishna PAMHO I was a brahmchari at ISKCON Chowpatty undergoing their structured training program namely VTA, BT and 2 years of Vidyapith at GEV. After spending a total of 7 years at Chowpatty I am now back in Fiji and would like to start teaching Bhakti Sastri, etc. Fiji never had any successful completion of Bhakti Sastri batch, as such I would like to render service towards Sastric education in Fiji. We would be using the temple dinning hall on a weeknight as the classroom. Your humble servant in service of Srila Prabhupada. Mohan Rupa Das